B. Allan Mackie building Shanty Lake

Bidding opens on September 27 and closes on October 1 for an estate sale of some of the tools belonging to the late, great B. Allan Mackie, log builder, filmmaker, author and sailor. To view the items, please go to the Multi-Consignor Sale for September at Rapid-Sell, Guelph and view items 1-85, 101 – 200 and 276-278. Note that items 1B (green bus) and 3A (pool table) are not part of the BAM estate.

Many wonderful things from his remarkable and dramatic life, including his first (Lot 52) and last (Lot 83) chainsaws (pictured here), the planers, angle grinders and other power tools that were used in the building of all his houses, along with log tongs, his prize come-along, logging chains, jacks and much more, and all of his film and video equipment that he used to film and produce his 9 part series on log building plus many documentaries, his adventure clothing from building houses and sailing the high seas in a boat he built himself, to treasures from his teaching career, including his trademark caps and t shirts from many engagements around the world.

Items can be shipped at the buyer’s expense.


All proceeds from this auction go directly to the restoration and preservation of the last log house that he built.
B. Allan Mackie, pioneer, log builder

This Pioneer was B. Allan Mackie’s first chainsaw which he used to build the ranch house featured on the first editions of Building With Logs (Lot 52)

One of BAM’s most treasured tools, this come along pulled logs and moved heavy equipment out of the mud and so much more. He is pictured here using it on a 1998 teaching course in Parksville, Vancouver Island

This large Sony Betacam was the camera that he filmed his 9-part video series Building with Logs and other documentaries. 

Also in the sale will be his large BOLEX film camera and some reels. He did many documentaries on site with this camera too.

BAM used the Makita planers in many ways, including finishing the scarfs on logs… this image is featured in his last book, Owner-Built Log House

B. Allan Mackie, log builder, log building teacher

BAM was a master with the chainsaw and happiest when building, especially in the company of other fine builders and dedicated log building students around the world.

One-of-a-kind, yet he believed in the possibility of independence for all who wanted to learn, B. Allan Mackie in 2003 on the porch of Knotingham, Shanty Lake.